This Terms of Use (“Terms of Use”) constitutes a legal agreement between you (“you,” “your,” or “User”) and Ultask [JAASFOCUS Limited] or “us”). This Agreement governs the use by you of our services, as it may be modified, relocated and/or updated and the mobile applications offered by us (the “Apps”). Our platform, Site and Apps are collectively referred to as the “Ultask [JAASFOCUS Limited] Platform”. All users of the Ultask [JAASFOCUS Limited] Platform are collectively called “Users”)

These Terms of Use, together with the privacy policy available at http://Ultaskxxx(“Privacy Policy”), and the rules, policies, terms and conditions set forth in, referred to and/or linked herein, all of which are incorporated herein by reference, are, collectively, the “Agreement”.

The Ultask [JAASFOCUS Limited] and USER for good and valuable consideration Agree to the Terms set forth below.

I. CONTRACT DOCUMENT: The Ultask [JAASFOCUS Limited] documents for this contract consist of this agreement, the agreement between the USER and Ultask [JAASFOCUS Limited], the drawings and conditions including changes made before the service provision, and alterations made after home service provision starts between the USER and Ultask [JAASFOCUS Limited] and agreed upon by the parties to this contract. All of these documents form this contract and are fully part of this contract.

  1. THE WORK: The technician of Ultask [JAASFOCUS Limited] shall execute all of the work and make available all of the materials required by this contract for the technician’s trade including but not limited to work/materials described as follows:

The work and materials are to be supplied to the work site and in harmony with the plans and specifications for work site. All labor and materials shall meet and be in unity with acceptable building trade practices. No work shall be considered as acceptable until final examination and approval is received from the Ultask [JAASFOCUS Limited] and the USER.

  1. TIME OF COMMENCEMENT AND SUBSTANTIAL COMPLETION: The technician will continue and complete all work and supply all materials per the agreed agenda, based on Ultask [JAASFOCUS Limited]'s Superintendent/Construction Manager giving a minimum of (xx) calendar days lead time for each activity.

IV. THE CONTRACT PRICE: Ultask [JAASFOCUS Limited] will illustrate contract prices and extra(s) (if any) on all invoices. Payment schedule will be communicated by Ultask [JAASFOCUS Limited].

V. PROGRESS PAYMENTS: Ultask [JAASFOCUS Limited] shall require all payments to conform with the schedule of payments communicated with the invoices.

VI. INSURANCE: Before actually starting any work of the contract,

VII. WORKING CONDITIONS: The technician of Ultask [JAASFOCUS Limited] is to eliminate all trash from work or keep debris in onsite waste bins provided by the site or homeowner.

VIII. TERMINATION: Ultask [JAASFOCUS Limited] may finish this Agreement for reason, if Ultask[JAASFOCUS Limited] finds out the USER is in breach of any term or terms of this contract. In addition, the Agreement may be finished by either Ultask [JAASFOCUS Limited] or the USER upon the giving of TWO days prior notice to other party. The technician will have the duty to perform all warranty work for work completed within 5 working days if it’s technically proven there is a malfunction with work done. All work to complete this Agreement by the technician will be done in strict accordance with the terms and condition of this agreement.

IX. SITE DAMAGE AND MATERIALS: Any harm caused to the work site, drains, paths or any furniture by Ultask [JAASFOCUS Limited], its employees, or suppliers shall be paid for by Ultask [JAASFOCUS Limited]. Any work or materials, which do not meet building codes and do not pass examination will be quickly removed and replaced. All work is to be performed in a workman like manner and materials, used in any construction for contractor is to be new and of first quality.

X. DELAYS: Ultask [JAASFOCUS Limited] accepts it will use due carefulness to see that all work under this contract is carried out in a timely manner and Ultask [JAASFOCUS Limited] makes agreement to be responsible for and pay for any damages, injuries or losses due to delays in construction caused by. Ultask [JAASFOCUS Limited] will not be accountable for any delays resulting from acts of nature, strikes, war or matters beyond Ultask [JAASFOCUS Limited] control.

XI. EXTRAS: The USER shall not make any payment for any work or materials required unless task [JAASFOCUS Limited] agrees in a written authorization, given before the providing of such labor or materials. All approvals must be in writing and given before initiation of the work or materials supplied.

XII. INDEMNITY: The USER accepts to and does hereby hold Ultask [JAASFOCUS Limited] safe from any and all claims, events, costs, expenses or Attorney's fees arising out of the acts or lapses of Ultask [JAASFOCUS Limited], its employees, agents or suppliers with regard to the performance or lapse of any of Ultask [JAASFOCUS Limited] duties in this contract. The security extends to any claims declared by any later property owner alleging improper or faulty workmanship, materials in any work done or materials supplied by Subcontractor.

XIII. PLANS: If alterations or adjustments are made from the plans by USER to any work, it must first be permitted by Ultask [JAASFOCUS Limited].

XIV. SURVIVABILITY: If any term or clause of this Agreement is supposed by a court of law to be invalid, the remnants of this Agreement shall be fully enforceable. The terms of this Agreement shall be binding upon the successor executors, assignees, and trust successors of the parties hereto.